The Litter Pipe of Madrid, aka Sewer of Madrid, is a pipes net under the town of Madrid being used to get rid of litter. There are many litter-chests around Madritian streets, and also in private houses. The system was invented by Ultrarazor14. DONRE, mayor of Madrid, was really excited with the idea and pushed Ultrarazor to do it.

The first time this system worked was in last days of January 2015, when a pipe chest located in Ultra`s Planes Shop sent successfully some litter to a cave under the town. The cave was turned into the Recycling Center, under the Palace of Salubrity. After this, DONRE took the project because Ultrarazor was banned for certain reassons.

The first time the system worked in public streets was in February 2015, after WW3. A chest located in Main Square sent litter (some dirt) to the same cave, some hundreds blocks northern. The first time it became operative was in Tesla Avenue, last days of February - first days of March, in the oldest apartments building.

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