Madrid Institute of Research & Investigation logo. Thanks to ZaneRietschlin

The Madrid Institute of Research & Investigation (aka MIoRI) is the biggest institute in Madrid. It can be known as a Ministry of Science. It was founded by TheCarlagas, and current CEO is TheCarlagas. This institute is in charge of Culture, Science, History, Technology, and Research in all Madrid.


The MIoRI headquarters in MarkusRabbit Avenue.

Location Edit

The MIoRI is located in MarkusRabbit Avenue in Modern Part (South Madrid, Argentina) in Madrid. MIoRI is located near the coast, and near other buildings. The headquarters are located exactly in front of the Research Lab Building.

Activities Edit

The MIoRI leads all the culture issues in Madrid.

It collects books from all over the world. In MIoRI, those books are studied, corrected and translated. The management of the National Library of Madrid is divided between MIoRI and the town`s government. Thanks to the institute, Madrid has got now the most important books collection in the server.

Also, the institute supports exploration and archaeology. It researched in Bangkok when a weird sign was found under the ground, collected photos of avandoned settlements and sent expeditions to all over the world. One of those is wich discovered the Face of Baltimore, a creeper symbol on the floor near Baltimore. It also explored underwater temples.

MIoRI also supports many subjets of sciences. It was the first entity in create the medicine against pneumonia. It currently helps to lead, with Bangkok mainly, the health programs in Ecumenical Empire.

In technologic sciences, it researched to invent a posible chunks loader for Madrid (the project that MIoRI developed wasn`t begun because it was considered unnecessary, but the idea is possible) and helped a bit with the plumber litter net, wich was mainly by the central town`s government.

The MIoRI even protects places wich are interesting, historical... They protected the Chicagolese Submarine in Madrid, Titicaca Lake in Andes and were agains`t the destruction of traditional ancient part in Saigon.


The MIoRI Research Lab building next to the headquarters.

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