Machu Picchu was a town in Andes Mountains, in Titicaca lake. It was created in March 2015 by newer player brandonross, and had been diplomatically annexed by Anetalia.

Machu Picchu
Some attributes
Nation Anetalia
King (Mayor) Brandonross
Foundation March 2015
Location Titicaca Lake, Andes Mountains, South America

History Edit

The only building, and monuments it had in the beginning were the Incan King's house, and the Inca Trail, which went from the Amazonian Jungles to Titicaca Lake in the higher elevations. It was founded near Madrid's colony in the Titicaca region. Nestled amongst highly defensible topography, Machu Picchu was considered as an important military center for the Anetalian Imperium.

They have been behind several events, such as the bombing around Fort Garnik, but later, the mayor regretted and tried to repair it. Also, the town contained griefers, such as Branchalways, and Branchnever.

In June, Machu Picchu had poor relations, and towns from all over the world formed a coalition against them. After the attacks, it has been claimed that Incan Gods told brandonross and his followers to nuke his own town and move to Antarctica. All the remains were destroyed by the second reset.

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