The Police Force of Madrid is an entity of Madrid to keep internal order and contribute to deffend the town.

History Edit

It appeared in the pre-WW3 period. The idea was by Ultrarazor14, who got permissions to create himself a police unit. If it had good resoults, then it would become official. The unit was created to keep internal order and stop crimes because of the rising of incidents and crime these days (accidents like sheep`s scapes, thieft of Zero`s chests, windows griefs). It was created too to defend Madrid in case of an invasion from Great Federation. Some days before of that invassion, Ultrarazor had left and the unit lost activity and importance. Currently, it is a very secondary organization in town.

Vehicles Edit

The team used to count with several movecrafts from Ultra`s Shop. The biggest movecraft was also by Ultrarazor, and it was like a huge red bird. The unit still keeps full authorization to use any Madrid`s aircraft.

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