Mahajanga May from Map
Mahajanga from the Dyn-Map
Some attributes
Nation Great Federation (Founding-November)

WorldDefenseAlliance (November-February) Ecumenical Empire (February-Present)

King (Mayor) Kirbius (Founding-April)

Jackman601 (April-Present)

Foundation November
Location Northern Tip of Madagascar
2015-03-07 12.45.46

Early Mahajanga, Probably in January

Mahajanga Edit

Mahajanga was a town in Madagascar. It was part of Azerbaijan before the reset.

History Edit

Mahajanga was created by the former mayor of Uppsala, Kirbuis. After Uppsala was destroyed Kirbuis lost hope in the town and decided not to rebuild it. Hating the troubles the snow caused him there, he decided to go somewhere tropical. Seeing that no one had settled at Madagascar, he headed there. He then began construction on Mahajanga. Kirbuis then took a small break from Minecraft and returned to find his town deleted after it ran out of funds. Bangkok had made an outpost there taking all of his stuff. After Kirbuis returned they deleted the outpost but they did not give any resources back. Kirbuis decided to leave the town for a bit and try being a resident in another town. Jackman601 claimed the town and became mayor. After Kirbuis returned from being resident, Jackman601 refused to make him mayor once again. Arguing that jack had built nothing in the town, he convinced Jackman601 to make him mayor again. Shortly after Kirbuis became mayor once again they were attacked. Kirbuis with the help of admins and other players fought off the attack. They managed to take all of the town's resources once again. Kirbuis thought about deleting the town but Jackman601 convinced him not to. Kirbius then became mayor and was mayor for months. Then he made Jackman601 mayor and mysteriously left. Jack then left and sold the town to Azerbaijan. The second reset completely wiped out the town, though

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