The town of Mandalay was a village located in India. It was one of the main agriculture producers in the world, taking agriculture goals` prices to the bottom. The town is owned by TigerClawMatthew, now known as Matthew_393.

Some attributes
Nation Ecumenical Empire
King (Mayor) Matthew_393
Foundation Unknown
Location Myanmar (Burma)

History Edit

This town has belonged to different nations since it was created, mainly because of the plot bonus: Democratic Union, Great Federation, Ecumenical Empire. The the town was last in the nation NATO.

Economy Edit

The only economy sector was the agriculture, the farming of items like wheat and sugarcanes. This activity produced around the 100% of town`s income. Mainly  due to his huge farm locatated in Kentucky which he claimed from CJN221 who went inactive. Later on he made several expansions and eventually towny reset due to an error. CJN221 came back to the server and reclaimed  the farm. Matthew_393 and CJN221 mainly with the help of OwlCharles shared the farm to prevent any hostialities.

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