The village of Maritime was a town formed on a desert NPC village north of the former town of Mendoza. It was created by Enamir47. Enamir47 had recently left the town of Mendoza, being unsatisfied with Mendoza's town rules. Maritime lasted barely more than a week or two, but it was characterized in its short reign for very low bank funds, little food, no mineral stores, no building materials, and the reliance of a cave mine on the coast. This cave mine can be found by looking for a tiny cobblestone port and perhaps a few boats scattered around. 

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This was the small town of Maritime, Enamir47's first attempt at settling down in the world.

Timeline and EventsEdit

This town created sometime between  fell when Enamir47, being dissatisfied with the town, sailed up to [The location, censored by Dublin, of] Schneit, and gave the Maritime mayorship to Stronghammer6 (now GummyGuy ).  Stronghammer6 was A.F.K so long during his term as mayor that the town could not stay afloat (concerning its debt, not actual water) and so the town of Maritime prompty collapsed into ruin.

Location and DirectionsEdit

To visit Maritime, it's not quick. The easiest way is to get to the ruins of Mendoza and sail in a boat for 5-10 minutes straight (this is why planes are cool). Look for an NPC desert town, like in the picture, and also there should be a small port with trapdoor locks.


Maritime was ultimately just a poor attempt of a civilized town by Enamir47. The fall of Maritime ultimately led to the birth of Schneit and even by extension, the birth of Dublin. This ground is in some ways more sacred to Enamir47 than the land of Schneit.