Matthew_393 Formerly known as TigerClawMatthew joined the minecraftplanetearth server on June 7, 2014. He first made a town called Cleveland along with OwlCharles. He and Owlcharles let people join there town. However these people turned out to be griefers and destroyed their chests and killed them. After that Cleveland was abandoned. Later on Matthew_393 made a town called Montevideo. Montevideo was the best town he had made so far. He had gained up to 15 players. This town was deleted when the server reset and was in the location of Madrid. He then moved to the Himalayan mountains and he created a town called Mandalay. He made several expansions including a lab, military outpost, and obsidian walls.

True Farmer Edit

Matthew_393 used to make much of his money off of agriculture, but the new economical changes will probably affect him a lot. He also has the second highest McMMO score in the Herbalism category in the New World's history, a few hundred levels behind another player.

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