Some attributes
Nation Great Federation
King (Mayor) F1sh98
Foundation 9th December 2014
Location Central Chile
Mendoza was a town that was destroyed in WW3. This city was located west of the Andes Mountains, and it wasn`t too far away from cities such as Cordoba, or Madrid. Mendoza was once the capital of the impopular Great Federation, a once-large empire with goals toward world domination.

Mendoza is also used interchangably with the Great Federation.

Buildings and Monuments Edit

Mendoza was a medium size area, formed by skyscrapers and some low buildings. They included:

  • The Waldorf, a towering estate designed for F1sh98, those in his Cabinet, and his friends.
  • A colosseum, clearly designed for some form of sports or fighting.
  • A towering citadel, designed to be the envy of those around it, which includes a meeting room and F1sh's throne.
  • A storage facility deep beneath the citadel.
  • Reichstag, originally built in Berlin by MajorPAIN40, the building was sold to Mendoza as a parliament building for the city in exchange for MajorPAIN40's claiming of the city Berlin.

History Edit

Mendoza was founded by heavily controversial player F1sh98 when he first came upon MinecraftPlanetEarth. It started as a settlement, but more people joined quickly, and much power was gained as well. They started out by gaining mass amounts of money (it is unknown how legitimately they did so), and holding smaller cities hostage.

When people began seeing town after town being captured by the Great Federation, they began to rise up against the agression. Mainly verbally, but not militarily, as much of the  world was poorly equipped. Things changed when the assault of Madrid (Independence War of Madrid) caused World War 3. Many started taking a stand, and actually managed to capture some land of the main city of Mendoza, with the loss of Madrid Square, which was temporarily renamed to Federation Square, then possibly Liberty Square, before being recaptured by Madrid.

A few scant days later, after a losing battle with the Madrid nationalists, things in the Great Federation went from bad to worse. it had turned out that F1sh had trusted Flyingaero119, a player on the server, openly revealed his status as a double agent before making off with money earned from his exploits, funding the Ecumenical Empire's attempts to kick F1sh from the square in Madrid.

Weeks afterward, F1sh was banned for certain reaasons, and without the capable leadership of what many called a "tyrant", the Great Federation fell to pieces, and Mendoza lost status as being one of the most powerful cities in the world. It was finally destroyed and raided, causing huge parties around the world.

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