Welcome to the MinecraftPlanetEarth Wiki

Hello everyone, this is the wiki about Minecraft Planet Earth ( Minecraft server. In this wiki, you can find everything about towns, nations, buildings, players, shops, businesses, events, and also things like vehicles (Movecraft plugin), inventions, train lines, economy, architectonic styles, artistic waves, types of roads and more. Remember: Whatever you find in the server can be written here, don't be shy!

Feel free to contribute to this wiki, you are helping our community! Help us to help you by adding a few sentences, so we won't lose the server's history! Do you remember a town? Create its page! Did you see a shop in a town? Make a page about that shop! Did any nation change? Go fix and update the page's info! Whatever you can find in the server can have a page!

This wiki project began in last days of September. After the Reset was announced, we began to collect information about the server to avoid the history in Old World to be forgotten. That's how this wiki was born. Now, we have got more than 425 articles about the server, and counting!




What can you do?

Here are some ideas to begin.

-CLICK THE `RANDOM PAGE` BUTTON and learn something impressive!

-Search your town`s and your nation`s pages. Add some info about them. If any of both doesn`t exist, then create it!

-Search in the wiki other towns where you have ever lived, even before the Reset. Add some info or create their page (if it doesn`t exist yet) and write what you remember.

-That important building or monument in your town. Search it in wiki and, if it isn`t here, then create a page. Add some description about it, or even a photo (that would be nice).

Now you are familiarized with the Wiki. Continue editing and adding! You are helping the whole server`s players community.

----BOARD---- Wiki News

The Wiki is a success

Again, I have to thank you all your valuable work in the wiki. We have hit the 425th article. We are reaching the half-thousand article soon! Keep editing here; the wiki has turned into an important piece of the server, and the main and most important and complete source about our ig history. I predict some new added features soon. A last thing: do you know about wiki maps? They are really useful. Have a nice day!


The community

There are two admininistrators in the MinecraftPlanetEarth wiki. Donrepanocha (Spanish) and TheCarlagas (Mexican) are the admins. Other outstanding members are Flyingaero, main redactor of the wiki and part of the team, and Justinjacob, minor wikimaster. The rest of our comunity is formed by people like you, who can help us with this wiki project by adding one or two sentences to a page or to a new page!

Featured Page

This is a list of ALL the towns that existed in the server, before the Reset and after it, current and disappeared towns, settlements and metropolis. It is not complete. Help us!

Read More: List of towns

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