Mr_Chicken702 is a player of the minecraft planet earth server whose first day was March 4th of 2015.

He has never been a citizen of another person's town.

History Edit

Soviet Union Edit

Mr_Chicken's first town was the Soviet Union, which was close to Moscow (the town made by bhansotia). His time in the Soviet Union was very short, as he moved to Eastern Europe and established the town of Berlin .

Berlin Edit

Berlin was Mr_Chicken's second town. This is the first time Mr_Chicken truly settled down, as he established a much nicer town, with good architecture and complete with walls. Here he helped to build a path across Europe, that when finished, connected the towns of Amsterdam , Berlin , London , and Dublin . (Later, a path was added that connected this highway to Turin). Here he started advancing in slime fun and became a power in the world. He has also fought a short war while in Berlin against The_3liminator (also known as Chainkill3r) Originally in the nation the_system under Jacobflo111 aka Florijac/Dried Shrimp

Was in a short war with The_3liminator aka Chainkill3r


A close up of the face of Mr_Chicken702.

Later became neutral.

The_3liminator is the only person to ever attack my town.

Maintain somewhat okay relations.

Joined ECU .

Stayed for a long time (Sometimes leaving and joining).

At the end of Berlin, war with Morioka was imminent (It never happened) because of their outpost in Denmark, which was owned by Apineda.

Apineda and I are now friends.

Got bored of Berlin and moved to Azerbaijan, where I started building.

The town at its height reached about 42 residents and 480 claim blocks (140 nation bonus with no admin bonus)

When the Great Towny Glitch of 2015 happened my town was in shock

We lost our Metropolis status

Recreated the town (after losing 1 million dollars in the glitch)

Town only has 10 citizens now

Largest Middle Eastern Town by land area

Advanced in Slimefun

Owned the nation Adrua for a while

Combined nations with NATO

Now the vice King of NATO-Adrua (Under OwlCharles)

Owns an Antarctic sector called Winterhold

ALLIES (Greatest Allies)

Enamir47 - Dublin

GA1109 - The_Mafia

OwlCharles - Chicago

Arker_IV - Razgriz


Evan1395 - Cape Town

CJN221 - New York

(Everyone in NATO-Adrua)


Add some opinions of me from people, you can quote me, and add necessary info at your 

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