About The Town Edit

Naporia was a town on the western coast of the Caspian Sea formerly known as Berlin. It has started to be constructed in a high-desert region off the Caspian Sea and had only one uncompleted building but over 100 chunks claimed. The name Naporia is a Slovak word for onslaught, which doesn't make too much sense as a town name, but sounds interesting. Naporia was a member of the Ecumenical Empire and United Nations.

Allies : Edit

  • Enamir47 - Dublin
  • RocketPowerXD - New Zealand
  • spartanjcb1 - Sparta
  • Owl_Charles - Chicago
  • Audz100 - New Cascadia
  • Atchy_SK - Pressburg
  • Tracenator1 - Darwin
  • xexekeli - Budapest
  • flyingaero119 - Basra
  • GA1109 - Abidjan
  • Kirbuis - Mahajanga
  • Bravo8675309 - Turin
  • PaulMcCartney (mikeyb) - Carpentaria
  • Rootbeer1000 - The ISS

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