The National Library of Madrid, aka Madrid Library, is the most important library in the world. It is also the oldest one. This library has the biggest books collection in the world. It was created in Madrid by DONREPANOCHA in July 2014, when Madrid was still in Old Madrid age.

Activities Edit

The library`s administration is divided between MIoRI and Madrid Government. It is considered part of MIoRI, and also part of the Madrid Museums. The library deals with other libraries (for example Bangkok) to spread the books and get new ones. It also supports writters and encourages them to write by giving money for books; there is a chest for it in the library. And finally, the Library corrects, copies and translates books, mainly cooperating with MIoRI.

The building Edit

The Library, when it was created, had a building in Old Madrid. It was made of snow, and located in the corner between Colombus Street and Goya Street. After October Reset, it got a new building in Madrid, the current one.

It is located at North-West of the town, made of stone. It has three buildings, a main one and two twin houses, at left and right. The first one that was built is the left one. It used to be the Culture Ministry of Wolfcoast Union and Democratic Union. Then, a bigger stone building was added at right of it. Finally, a replica of the Ministry was made at right of big building, and the three buildings were linked to make the current library.

The collection Edit

It has several chests of books, most of them original. There are books about many different subjets. There is also a collection of the diferent types of transaction logs.

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