To read about the old town which was located here before, read Cahokia.

New Cahokia was a town in North America. It was created by TheCarlagas on the ruins of Cahokia, which was founded by Bgrape before. It currently exists as The Nether, ruled by Blackfalcon10mc, the inactive mayor.

New Cahokia
Some attributes
Nation USA

Great Federation World_Wide (The Nether)

King (Mayor) TheCarlagas


Foundation Unknown
Location North America, Central USA

History Edit

Cahokia was created in October 2014 by Bgrape. The town was capital of the Cahokian Dominion. After he abandoned the town because of a war, justinjacob, who was a citizen of Bgrape's Cahokia, took over it for a short period of time but then he also adandoned it and since then, it was forgotten.

TheCarlagas created it again with the name of New Cahokia. The town joined the Great Federation. When TheCarlagas left the town, he made BlueThunderStar mayor of the town. New Cahokia began its decadence when F1sh took advantage of the town`s resources for his own benefit. It finally fell when BlueThunder became inactive, and it was destroyed. For a short while it was claimed as part of Chicago, but now a new town called The Nether exists at its place, with the owner currently inactive. The current citizens of The Nether are Blackfalcon10mc, slok123low, Teenarkenss1, adi2423

The town Edit

The urbanistic plan consists in several streets forming square plots, which is bgrape style. There was an academy, the Military Academy, and also a main building, probably the town hall. There was also a blacksmith like NPCs, and huge farms.

Economy Edit

The economy was bassed on agriculture and livestock only. There were huge farms, planed to be bigger than Phnom Penh`s, and also a farm for animals, with pens for all the types. There was an important variety of sheep colours. The wheat could have been a huge boost for town`s economy, but the Great Federation took advantage of the farms without compensate the town`s government, so most part (almost all) of earnings from the farms went to F1sh`s pocket.

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