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General Information Edit

Nstved, as of October 2015, is the only city in Iceland, and is part of the nation of Franco-Norway. It's a small town built and inhabited by AreoGames and one other player. It consists of a main building, a watch-tower, an uninhabited house, and the town vault that is built into the ground.

Economy Edit

Nstved makes most of its money from building ships. An expansive harbor is being built, and Areo plans to build 30+ ships. They will be sold to towns to replace ships lost in the Spanish Fleet Disaster. Areo is building ships for the town of Spain, an important ally of Nstved.

World Politics Edit

Nstved's Mayor, AreoGames, is very much involved in world politics.

Nstved is a close ally of Spain, and also a close trading partner.

It is also an ally of Chicago, Nashvka, Lewiston, and a few other towns.

Nstved, and greater Franco-Norway, is at war with Global_union, which includes the town of Palma.

Nstved is also enemies with Cape_Verde, due to Zmanslayszombies living there.

Nstved considers the player GA1109 an enemy, and any town that harbors him would find itself in the bad graces of Nstved.

Future Edit

AreoGames plans to build more houses in Nstved, and create bigger docks and sell more ships. He will create more designs in the future.

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