Oceanstone is a peacful place.
Some attributes
Nation No one (City State)
King (Mayor) FuegoTheViking
Foundation Last days of May 2015
Location North Korea
Oceanstone was a new town that rose after The Great Towny Glitch of 2015. FuegoYT (former owner of Lavantis,also renamed himself as FuegoTheViking) was the mayor. Located in North Korea major plans have been made for the new area as this was a very different building location. As like Fuego's other 2 towns (Lavantis and Riverbrook) Oceanstone never joined a nation. :D This town was lost after the June reset.

Residents (In order from oldest to newest)

  • FuegoTheViking (Mayor) (Formerly FuegoYT)
  • Dominospitza (Royal Guard) (Formerly DJcanthavecheese)
  • Titan812
  • builderdan2002
  • Typhlosion_Wolf (Formerly lindsey_bearr)
  • Midnight_Ninja
  • Superheroguy123

Royal Guard

Dominospitza has commited to protecting the mayor.


  • Pack of 17 Dogs (Main Dog: Pablo) (FuegoTheVikiing)
  • Crater (Supercharged Creeper) (FuegoTheViking)
  • kara (Wolf) (Dominospitza)
  • Webs (Spider) (Titan812)
  • Phil (Wolf) (Titan812)
  • Dinnerbone (Wolf) (Titan812)
  • AbsurdAJ (Pigman) (Dominospitza)
  • Alfred (Pigman) (builderdan2002)
  • SpideyFish2002 (Wither) (GummyGuy)
  • Death (Rabbit) (Midnight_Ninja)
  • Lightning (Supercharged Creeper) Typhlosion_Wolf

Financial District

Oceanstone's financial district was located in Austrailia, here were the shops there, both have pages!

  • Fuego's Mypet Shop (FuegoTheViking)
  • Titan's Weapon Shop (Titan812)

You have to tp to one of the shop owners to get there.

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