The Octocruiser was a Movecraft-based military vehicle, designed in Basra by the Abbasid Caliphate, engineered by Flyingaero119, original ruler of the Caliphate. It was designed in March of 2015, three were built, and two existed as of 15 May 2015. With the fall of Basra, the Octocruisers were discontinued.

Armament Edit

A typical Octocruiser was armed with four dispensers, one on each side, and a central iron cannon, the primary weapon of this vehicle. It had eight tires (hence the name), and was best used on flat, open terrain, although it had "hover-jump" capabilities.

Features Edit

A summarized list of features the Octocruiser had includes:

  • One central cannon, good for siege, battlefield crater making, or both.
  • One space for a air torpedo, good for siege attacks from the ground.
  • Five dispensers, one on each side. Can be loaded with anything that can be launched, such as Fire Charges, TNT, basic Arrows, and even Fireworks!
  • Green Clay Armor for maximum protection
  • Semi-camouflaged windows, also green
  • Seating for two
  • Interior storage
  • 24/7 headlights

Mk. II Edit

The Octocruiser Mk. II has not been officially stated, but all models of the Octocruiserthat ever existed had their specifications and armament upgraded.

Retail Price Edit

Octocruisers no longer exist as of The Third Reset Era.

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