The Pampas Village is an NPC Village under protective borders, until it's horrific end not long before the Third Reset.

Foundation Edit

The Pampas was an NPC Village made in South America, with Madrid to it's east and the ruins of Mendoza to their far west. The houses were made of Acacia Wood and the roads were made of Podzol.

"Lifeless" Farming Town Edit

Pampas Village had no players in it. However, about 2 dozen NPC Villagers along with 4 Iron Golem guards were living in the houses. All of the Villagers had the Name: Pampan Villager on them.

Buildings and Economy Edit

The Pampans had little in their town, but here's a list anyway:

Numerous Wooden houses

NPC Village Church replica

Farming Terraces throughout town

The Pampas has no known economy, and if there is one, it is lost to time and probably involved the food grown on their Terraces throughout their town.

Man-hunted for an End Edit

A few weeks before the Third Reset, player GymSock17 was working in his shop, Gymmy's Double-Decked Tradin' Stand, the Madrid store, when he decided to fly to Mendoza, to laugh at the signs people put at F1sh's Grave. Gym was flying his Minecart Plane when he realized he was fly over the Pampas, he looked down to see someone in Diamond Armor shooting what appeared to be an AK-47 at an Iron Golem. The plane was moving to fast to see the name tag, and with a recent glitch happening on the server, Gym knew it wasn't safe to land and continued flying to Chile.

Later, Gym returned to the shop and walked to The Pampas from there, where he found no sign of NPC life, the plants were all harvested, a few holes were in home of the houses, and all the torches were gone. Someone had massacred the entire settlement, and covered their tracks well, as the village was later checked with /co (Core Protect).

The ruins were whisked away after the Third Reset.

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