Pan-am trail

RED: Built TrailBLUE: Canal WHITE: Unfinished Segment

The Pan-American Trail System was a series of trails,bridges, and a canals, linking many towns in the Caribbean and North America. This trail was created by the Caribbean Union.

History Edit

The Pan-Am trail was originally made as a horse transport between Managua and Miami. This segment of the trail used Bgrape's old dirt stretch through the Caribbean. After this, it was extended to Havana, and down to Atlantis. After the Caribbean Union had connected their own towns, they start the trail to Texas, one in the North, from Miami, and one in the South, from Managua, through the great Mexican Canal. After Texas, the next great city of North America to reach was Pittsburg. A long, straight stretch through the Rockies was constructed and reached the 3 cities of California. By this time the Caribbean Union was fading and dispersing to Vault15 and Newfoundland. A segment began in vault15 to reconnect with the main trail, but the eastern segment halted work due to the complete collapse of the Union.

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