Paris is a town in France, founded by Kingcasey3 on the 2nd of September 2015. Not to be confused with CodGhostSniper's Paris, which was in the wrong location, and is now currently just a crater.

Paris (Abandoned)
Some attributes
Nation -
King (Mayor) Kingcasey3
Foundation 2nd of September 2015
Location France

The town's most iconic structure is The Eiffel Tower.

Early Days Edit

Paris was founded by Kingcasey3 on the second of September 2015. He moved from Beijing, a town he had made a few days earlier.

The first building to be constructed was Kingcasey3's house, on Main Street. Directly across from said building is the University of Paris.

While brainstorming what to build next, King realised something. He'd struck gold. Paris is known for its many landmarks. He went to constructing l'Arc de Triomphe right away. He then created the info centre, The Lion of France, and a small farm.

King's next landmark was the Louvre museum. Unfortunately, most people wouldn't recognize the building itself, so King just built the Louvre Pyramid. It currently holds several rare artefacts and flags. It also holds the original copy of "The Bible of Shrek".

King debated whether or not to build the Eiffel Tower. That was the symbol of Paris. But it was quite an ambitious project. It would take him so long, and he may even get bored and move towns like usual. But once le tour eiffel was out of the way, he could build many great buildings. Therfore, with his own pictures for inspiration, he build the giant structure out of stone, and it took him 2 hours overall. It is Paris' most iconic landmark.

Abandonment Edit

After a month in the town, kingcasey3, got bored of it and decided to move. He set his old username "MinerV" as mayor of the town and left.

Shortly after his departure, GA1109 revealed a way to become mayor of the town - rename yourself to MinerV. Calagun did just that with an alternative account, and set the simple jesse1329 as the mayor.

When King found out about this he hatched a plan known as "Operation Collins", in which he would pretend to wage war with Jesse, saying things like:

"Stage 13 of 27 of Operation Collins has begun jesse. You're doing great m8"

"October 27th Jesse; you wait"

"Have you found my underground vault yet? Good, it's the base of Operation Collins".

Eventually jesse got so terrified, that he abandoned the town and moved to Los Angeles, where he is still the mayor today.

The town was left to rot, after Kingcasey3 raided "The Memphis Vault" a vault where he kept his items from the Siege of Jericho.

It was claimed as outposts by many towns, and is now a wasteland

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