The town of Port Blair was an island city located on the coastal islands directly west of Bangkok. It was an independent city-state and was created by Sir_Zero.

History Edit

Port Blair was created sometime in May by Sir_Zero, and joined The Japanese Federation. The island was flattened and the floor of the island was replaced with Cobblestone. Four small buildings were created as housing for residents, and a lighthouse was created near the small bay now called: Don Bay. The bay consisted of two small Troop Transport boats and a lighthouse. After the buildings were complete a dock was created. Later a giant armored transport boat was created to help transport items during war time without being attacked, after the ship was completed items were moved over from the old location of Garnik Industries and the chests were put near the armored boat. Later a room was dug underneath one of the houses for a storage room. A few days later Sir_Zero cleared out the rest of the island to make room for more buildings and farms.

Economy Edit

Food: Port Blair had a large surplus of food they planed to use to make either multi-floor farms or underwater dome farms near the island.

Wood: Port Blair had made a large amount of wood clearing out the island and its trees.

Coal: Due to the giant quarry being built Port Blair had a giant surplus of coal.

Jewels: Port Blair was rich in diamonds, iron, emeralds, gold, and lapis due to mines and past items collected.

Currency: Port Blair had no set currency, and until the town would have finished needed buildings and productions no set currency would have been created.

Buildings Edit

Port Blair had lots of skyscrapers and business's none of which were being used for until all of the buildings would have been completed

The End Of Port Blair Edit

Port Blair met its demise when the server went through a reset and wiped every town from the server. R.I.P Port Blair - Sir_Zero.

New Era Edit

Zero_Crazy has created Port Blair II on July 10. Although its in a different location it will still be like the old one.

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