Pyongyang; November 4th 2015
Some attributes
Nation Royal_Republic
King (Mayor) kingcasey3
Foundation November 1st, 2015
Location Western tip of Korea
Pyongyang or officially, New Pyongyang, is a town in North Korea, founded by Kingcasey3, as a town to lead his new nation, the Royal Republic. It was founded on the 1st of November, 2015, and contains "Local Tower", an apartment skyscraper, built by kingcasey3 and named after The local dude. There is also a fishing store cleverly named "The F1shing Shop".

On November the 4th, Kingcasey3 unveiled Mendoza Tower, the currently tallest multi-storey building in an active town. It is used for offices, houses etc.

Division Edit

Currently, Pyongyang is split into 4 provinces/districts:

  • Teskon: The Business/Market district
  • Shaemun: The Industrial District
  • Kingskurn: Housing District
  • Supremuen: Government District

Colonies Edit

Pyongyang intends to create many colonies around the Earth; the first of these, Espanyan, founded Thursday the 5th of November 2015, is a small mining, farming and lumber colony north of the Spanish Empire. It is also used for parking Movecraft, and as a teleportation for citizens of Pyongyang to Europe.

"Supremviktun Palace Edit

Supremviktum Palace is a palace to be built from the Supreme Leader, kingcasey3. It is currently in early planning stages, and is expected to be fully contructed by mid-late November.

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