RapidFire91 (Was also Viledro72, FuegoYT , and FuegoTheViking) joined the server during the second world and still plays today. In the second world he owned 3 towns: RiverBrook, Lavantis, and OceanStone. In the current world he has owned 2, CliffSide (Which he gave to builderdan2002 who renamed it FishKill) and DiamondSide where he is currently living. He also owns the nation of Team_Diamond.


  • Crater (Creeper)
  • Torch (Blaze)
  • Squishy (Slime)


Rapid currently is running one business with more planned.

  • Rapid's Mypet Shop

History Edit

2nd World Edit

Beginings and Riverbrook:

Rapid joined the server as Vildero72 and didn't do anything. Until his friend GummyGuy created the town of Creen, which he joined and started a mountain base. Creen grew and everything was happy. Until the_local_dude attacked Creen because a resident, and friend of Rapid, named Titan812 wouldn't let him tp to the town in fear of greifing. So basically Local attacked because he was a baby. Since Local was mainly mad at Gummy (for some reason) Gummy gave the town to Rapid and joined the moer powerful town Dublin. Rapid renamed 2 things, himself to FuegoYT and Creen to Riverbrook. Most of his friends left Riverbrook and Rapid got a very bored. So he did one thing, /t delete Riverbrook.

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