Rhodes was a town in Greece on the island of Rhodes, close to the coast of Anatolia and near the town of Spidrotech.

Buildings Edit

The Olde Days

Rhodes, still under construction at the beginning of the Third Era

2015-10-01 18.42.30

Rhodes in the Rain.

House of the First Knight

other houses

Lighthouse -unfinished


Castle of Rhodes -unfinished

Fishmongers of Rhodes HQ -unfinshed


House of the Nether

The home of Hospitaller -to be built

Maximum Security Prison (On Rèunion Island)


The Knights

Official Flag of Rhodes

Rhodes was a Bureaucratic Oligarchy, where Job Professionals ruled over small regions. They usually minded their own business, and had organized meetings once the Castle of Rhodes was completed.

The Oligarchy had 4 states: Rhodes, Cyprus, Tarsus, and Hispaniola.

Rhodes: Capital and Trading Center of the land.

Cyprus: Major Agricultural and Residential State. Known for many of it's crops such as Cyprian Potatoes and Cyprian Bread, it tested the growth of Amazonian Watermelons salvaged from an expedition in South America.


Official Flag of Cyprus.

Tarsus: Town of hardcore Miners and Lumberjacks. (Under Development)

Hispaniola: Mining, Industry, and Fishing center located in the Caribbean Sea, on the north part of the island Hispaniola. Had a large mine system called the Mines of Hispaniola, which brought a lot of cobble and granite to the state. It was right next to the sea, which made it an ideal spot for fishing. It existed as its own town for some time, but ran out of funds for upkeep, and was claimed by Rhodes.


Official Flag of Hispaniola.

Citizens Edit

GymSock17 (High Noble)

Hot_shot17 (High Noble)



PirateKing147 (High Noble)

8bit_craftr (High Noble)



Rhodes path 2015-10-02 13.09.09

The Main Street of Rhodes

Rhodes house 2015-10-02 13.09.18

A Wooden Building in Rhodes


sportslover11 (unofficial)