History Edit

Riverbrook was a town that was owned by Viledro72 (Currently RapidFire91) during the Second Map. It was originally owned by Stronghammer6 (Currently GummyGuy) and was called Creen, but was handed over to Viledro after it was attacked by the_local_dude. The town gained a few more residents after the attack, and Stronghammer went on to join his friend Enamir47 at Dublin. Riverbrook continued to be a small town with a few buildings for then on. That is, until Viledro72 decided to disband the town and create a different town called OceanStone. However the town's ruins do not exist due to the reset, aswell as butterbrine22 blowing up the town's remains with permissions from Viledro72.

Buildings Edit

The town consisted of one main building on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, and was surrounded by a sugar cane farm. The rest of the housing was on the mainland and were built into the hills of the surrounding area. There was one watchtower on top to finish of the look.

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