Royal japan from map
Royal_Japan from the Dyn-map
Some attributes
Nation Japanese_empire/World_Wide (Founding-May)

InterPol (May-Present)

King (Mayor) Apineda
Foundation Late march
Location Northern Japan

Royal_Japan was a town in the northern area on Japan, just north of Morioka. It was created by apineda, probably because cheeso (known then as dret20, or simply dret), didn't have enough space in his town or maybe apineda just wanted his own town. Royal_Japan joined the Japanese Empire, known today as World_Wide. It grew in size and got many residents. Later, dret changed his name to cheeso and he moved the capital of the Japanese_Empire to Royal_japan, and apineda wouldn't give it back for some time until dret got angry. Things were peaceful until several griefings occurred, if which some were done by superheroguy123 and some by brianrg, but Apineda blamed them on bhan. Apineda then made his own nation, called InterPol, and seperated from World_Wide. The town was continuously griefed but it's mostly peaceful with no wars, but, according to Royal Japan`s government, there might be a war between World Wide and InterPol soon.

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