San Jose is a town in modern day Costa Rica, of which has a rich history of power and fame, and then slowly fades into the background. This is that story.

San Jose Trade Center

World Trade Center in San Jose, 1st floor.

The New EraEdit

After the beginning of The Second Reset Era, veteran player OwlCharles founded the town of San Jose and attempted to create the Caribbean Union with San Juan, Houston, Miami, and Ecuador. After his week absence the nation had fallen apart and he created the Coastal Union. San Jose became the capital and many new buildings were built.

San Jose's Heyday Edit

San Jose flourished and gained numerous citizens, being one of the greatest towns in the New Era. Being the capital of over 35 small towns and villages (at peak), it was the symbol of power and gained much respect from both allies and enemies.

San Jose is also known for it's numerous skyscrapers. Both Impressive in size and design.

San Jose Parliment

The parliamentary hall of the San Jose townhouse, as viewed in the top podium.

Collapse of the Coastal Union Edit

Eventually, Owl got tired of the CU and San Jose, and decided to leave to found Geneva, and found a new nation. Many of Owl's most loyal followers also left San Jose for Geneva.

San Jose's Final Days Edit

In the end, San Jose hasd 10 residents, with Traceonator1 as ruler of San Jose. It never entered another nation, and resided as a quiet City State.
San Jose

Entryway of a San Josean skyscraper apartment.