Santa Fe was a town founded by Kingcasey3 in early February 2015. It was co-built by Onion Hunter and Kingcasey3.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 15.59.12

View of Santa Fe's main skyscrapers from the Town Hall, May 29th 2015

Participation in WWIII Edit

Santa Fe was one of the Great Federation's capitals. Its mayor Kingcasey3, was F1sh98's war commander. It took quite a few beatings during the war, and finally was blown up by F1sh98 shortly after WWIII, when Kingcasey3 betrayed F1sh, and abandoned the town. It was restored by AbsurdAJ a few months after, and it was renamed Springfield. It had an abandoned military base in the Great Basin Desert. Its military weapons and aircraft were supplied by SpideyBren2000.

There was even a Clone of OnionHunter spotted lumbering around the town, protected by the admin power that prevented objects from being destroyed or harmed by players.