The Schmeathean Wars were some of the hardest and most famous wars in server's history. Them happened in Old World and gained its name by the main enemy of the war, schmeath. Schmeath was world renoun for his terrorist tactics, war mongering, and overall violent being.

The First Schmeathean War Edit

First Schmeathean War

Some attributes
Date Before June 2014
Belligerent A Axim and allies
Belligerent B Schmeath's town and allies
Resoult Axim`s victory
Causes Destruction of the S.S. Ghana by Schmeath
Consequences Axim's border closing, widespread griefing and fighting, introduction to movecraft warfare.
Type of conflict International towny war
The Schmeathean wars started when the S.S. Ghana was destroyed of the coast of Axim. This would make a landmark, being the first airship destroyed in warfare, and the first time widespread greifing would occur. When the war started, Ghanan citizens who didn't want to fight in the war were relocated to London as refugees. Those who remained fought valiantly for Axim. The main fighters in the war for Axim were leather-clad MajorPAIN40 and 7_17builderS. They faced Iron clad jlink11 and schmeath. Foreign to the Ghanans, the schmeath alliance used guns and movecraft in warfare, the first time in server history. Being terribly out gunned, Axim's future was bleak and it's independence teetered on edge. However, MajorPAIN40 captured enemy weapons (2 carbines) and fought the invaders off for a few weeks. With their home saved for now, they packed up their weapons and worked on rebuilding and recreating the town they held near and dear.

The Second Schmeathean War Edit

Second Schmeathean War

Some attributes
Date Before Summer 2014
Belligerent A Axim and allies
Belligerent B Schmeath and allies
Resoult Forced and weak peace deal
Causes Destruction of the Ghana Airlines 1 plane by Schmeath
Consequences -
Type of conflict International towny war
After multiple threats on Axim in an interwar period, schmeath attacked. The incident believed to have sparked the war was the theft of Ghana Airlines plane 1. After being proven to have been stolen by schmeath and his allies, the skirmishes broke out near downtown Axim. With modernized weapons, the war was much more destructive. Multiple bombings took place near the Axim border and the new town hall was besieged for days. After a long hard war, all attacks were called off and Axim remained stable.

First Fall of Axim Edit Edit

After the war, a group of soldiers planned to attack and destroy Axim due to the fear that they would over claim and attempt on establishing a world dictatorship. This group, led by MajorPAIN40, was planning to attack and destroy Axim when it is weak. One day sometime in the summer of 2014, the towny plugin crashed and all town borders were erased, with greifing able to be initialized. MajorPAIN40 and the coalation force attacked Axim and with about 15 stacks of TNT, succeeded in absolutely destroying Axim. However, due to circumstances all physical damage was undone to the city. However, the rift in friendships between nations couldn't be undone. With 2 sides rising, the world was divided and remained so for a long time. After this war, MajorPain and BuilderS became sworn enemies.

The Last Schmeathean War and Banning of Schmeath Edit Edit

Third Schmeathean War

Some attributes
Date Summer 2014
Belligerent A Axim (7_17BuilderS) and Berlin (MajorPAIN40)
Belligerent B Guam (schmeath)
Resoult Axim/Berlin alliance won
Causes Hostilities between BuilderS-Major and Schmeath, remaining from last war
Consequences Destruction of Schmeath's town, theft of all his items, impoundment of all schmeath's movecraft vehicles.
Type of conflict International towny war

After the hostilities between Major and Builder stopped, the common enemy since the beginning bound the 2 rivals together for a common cause. The last scmeathean War ended with the destruction of schmeath's town, the impounding of all of schmeaths movecrafts, the blatant theft of all his items, and the overall banning of schmeath. This marked the end of the Schmeathean Wars making it the longest war in all of history. After this, Builder left Ghana to make a new town a 2 minute walk west.