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The lands of Schneit, a harsh environment, but rewarding in minerals. See the gap between the mountains? There used to be two mountains there.

Schneit was a small town in North America. Dublin reserves the right to censor its location] that was very isolationist. They were little known to anybody on the server except to a select few. The land was rich in things like andesite, diorite, and granite as well as ores. Schneit's goal was to become the most powerful town in all the world when they had the knowledge and resources for war.

Schneit had outposts on an island above Washington State, Seattle, and above lake Ontario next to the dissolved town of canada.

The outpost above Washington State was a five-chunk plantation.

The outpost in Seattle was the source of wood, specifically Spruce wood. It was founded when the former town of Seattle dissolved.

The outpost next to the town of canada was the Schneiti (Schneiti is the term for something from Schneit) Embassy of canada. It was meant for trade. It is now the hub of Dublin.

Schneit's reign was about a month or two. It started some time in January or February and ended in February or March. Schneit fell when Jacobflo111 set up an outpost 5 chunks away. The leader Enamir47 thought that it was too close and attacked Jacobflo. Jacobflo then declared war without asking any questions, splitting Schneit in half with outposts and forcing Enamir47 to disband it.

Enamir47 retreated to his embassy of canada and from there he formed the town of New_Schneit, which was renamed Walder, then renamed Dublin. Dublin's leader convinced Jacobflo to take the war outposts out of Old Schneit's land, and once Jacobflo's town fell, Schneit's old land was free to recolonize as Dublin territory.