The Siege of Jericho was a server conflict that took place in early October 2015. It concluded with GA1109 and Kingcasey3 unclaiming, and ultimately destroying F1sh98's town Jericho.

Start Edit

After numerous empty threats of nukes etc., GA finally decided to do something about Jericho. He persuaded the town's citizens to stay online as he began to claim land. As he was claiming the first chunks, King joined the game, an ally of F1sh at the time. Ga showed King how evil F1sh really was, and how much loot they would obtain. Without hesitation, King grabbed his best gear, some fences and teleported to GA.

The Vault of Jericho Edit

In the middle of the war, GA's only online citizen in Savannah quit the game, meaning GA couldn't claim. After numerous attempts of trying to get king to join Savannah, king came up with a solution. He invited The local dude to the war via Instagram, and he joined Savannah.

After 1 hour they finally made it to their target; the town square. After they claimed this, all other land was unclaimed. King rushed to the Vault of Jericho, where F1sh kept all his stuff, and was shocked:

Stacks upon stacks of diamond, iron, gold and emerald blocks lined the chests. King looted all these, as well as stacks of wither skulls, and beacons. It wasn't until he was finishing up the raid, he noticed something: Protection -1 armour, and a sharpness 3 arrow, two items impossible to get - the arrow is possible in creative mode.

King reported the items to GA, and F1sh was banned shortly after. It was night of celebration for all players of Minecraft Planet Earth.