Singapore / New World Order
Some attributes
Nation Singapore
King (Mayor) Ragdolljim / kingcasey3
Foundation June 2014 or before / June 2015
Location Southern Asia, in Singapore and southern Malaysia

Singapore was a settlement in Asia. It was a large tree-house village of jungle wood and multiple pathways and houses extending from the tall trees in the area. It was ruled by Ragdolljim. It existed before the October Reset.

The town Edit

It was made of jungle wood, which was used to build a structure of corridors and halls without walls (other than fences) or roofs. It was several stories tall and formed a square shape. It had an underground farm, along with an underground area for the Blaze pet.

New Singapore Edit

In June of 2015, kingcasey3 left his town, Memphis, to move to Singapore. The city has a series of bridges connecting the islands within the area, a pagoda, a few houses, and a statue.

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