Slimefun is a plugin that adds new items and features that normally would be found in modpacks. These items and features include such things as jetpacks, food, weapons, and magical items.

Uses of SlimefunEdit

Slimefun could be used to create many different items. Things such as the Sword of Beheading were commonly made and used around the server. The plugin also added a line of different materials to the game, such as copper, steel, and zinc. In combination with each other, these materials could be used to create jetpacks, new armors, and magical items that allowed players to do things that normally couldn't be done in vanilla Minecraft.

Players could also use Slimefun to make large farms filled with all sorts of different fruits and vegetables, which in turn could be used to create different foods (ie. pies, cakes, drinks, etc...). This portion of the plugin also allowed players to grow materials that normally can't be found easily, such as diamonds.

Abuses Edit

Slimefun in it's early stages on the server could be used to dupe. Items such as the Portable Enchanter and Soulbound Backpack allowed players to create large amounts of whatever they wanted. It is thought that SpideyBren2000 first discovered these glitches, with this discovery soon being followed by GummyGuy and butterbrine22. Players such as these used these glitches to dupe massive amounts of Airstrikes to cause massive damage to the server. However, the plugin was updated to where these bugs no longer worked.