South American Federation (SAF)
Motto Unknown
Some attributes
Other names SAF
Evolution from... -
Evolution to... -
King OwlCharles
Capital Caracas
Important towns Caracas, Montevideo
Foundation Early Summer 2014
Disbanded Summer 2014
The South American Federation, aka SAF, was a nation before October Reset, owned by OwlCharles. Its capital was Caracas. The capital, Caracas lasted from June 16th to sometime in early August or late July. Some of the towns that joined temporarily were Buenos Aires and Santiago. The South American Federation was founded after the creation of Caracas and the grief/fall of Cleveland (OwlCharles version). The South American Federation became a major town that saw the rise and fall of many towns/nations and was active in one of the most important times on the server. Though OwlCharles attempted to found more South American towns almost every attempt failed due to the unpopularity of South America. The only successful attempt came when Montevideo was founded. It fell when OwlCharles moved Caracas to Belgrade and deleted the town and nation.

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