The Spanish Exploration of the Amazon was a mission into the Amazon and the new Amazon river by Spanish Explorer DONREPANOCHA in early October of 2014.

First part (9th of October)Edit

In this part of the journey, Don reached where the river borns, the Amazon source, in which he discovered two villages. The first is Orellania, a very small sand village. The name chosen by Don is due to Orellana, the spanish Amazon explorer in real life. The second village is bigger and it's not a Sand Village, which was called Repanochia, in honor of DONREPANOCHA, the first Amazon explorer in the server.

Second part (10th of October)Edit

In this part, he went south of the river and discovered two temples. He called the first one MarkusRabbit Temple, in memory of MarkusRabbit, original Madrid's founder. The second one was called Santiago Temple, in honor of Santiago Apostle, patron of Spain.

He also discovered another village, which he called Wikiburgo (wiki, because this wiki, and burgo, city in Spanish, so it means City of the Wiki).

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