Are you tired of having to make your own crappy-looking movecrafts? Do you have money to spare? Do you enjoy feeling better than everyone else as you fly over them in a movecraft? Well you're in luck! Stevco is here to provide you with all your movecraft needs! -Add by Stevco, Stevairus, 2015

Information Edit

Foundation Edit

Stevco was founded by Stevairus in 2015 as a movecraft plane company, but now has expanded to design and sell airships, commercial airliners, and more.

Location Edit

Stevco is centered in the town of Aell, although it may be moved due to Aell's inopportune location.

Buyable Movecrafts Edit

At the moment, the only buyable movecrafts are: Samuel MK II, Tuscan MK II, Khalos Seaforce, but more armed and unarmed crafts shall be available in the near future.

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