Stevco policies regarding fighters are very strict. A detailed description of every policy, infraction, and consequence will follow a list of possible infractions:

  1. Theft
  2. Intentional Destruction
  3. Replication/Reproduction
  4. Illegal Sale or Trade
  5. Illegal Modification
  6. Armament (only applies to unarmed fighters or air-cars)

Policies Edit

Customer First Edit

"What the customer wants, I build." That's Stevairus' motto when building his movecrafts. The movecrafts are all designed and built by him, whether for himself or for someone else. Every model is unique in its own way and every customer can request anything financially feasable for both Stevairus and the customer.

Semi-Debatable Prices Edit

The prices, while set, are not set in stone. The customer may be able to debate the price of the fighter(s), depending on the quantity and quality of the fighter. For instance, a Tuscan MK I that would normally cost 2.5k could cost up to 1.5k less than the original in bulk or un/disarmed.

Reverse Militarization Prevention Edit

Once purchased, a craft may not be used against Stevco, the New World Order, or anyone with a Stevco movecraft, unless specifically designated by Stevairus or requested by the customer. This is so that when a ship is bought, it cannot be instantly used as a weapon to kill the vender and possibly destroy other crafts.

Maker's Rules Edit

If copyright for a model is sold to someone, this person has the right to recreate this model indefinitely, as long as the recreations are not sold illegally. The profits from these sales would be split, depending on the class and purpose of the model, 2:1 (vender/Stevco) for a Class 1 civilian vehicle, 3:2 for a Class 2 civilian vehicle and Class 1 military vehicle, 1:1 for any Class 2 military vehicles, and 2:3 for all test vehicles of any kind, or those which are only available in the server world.

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