A subway is a train line (or walking corridors) to move easily in the towns. In Server`s history, several towns have tried to build a subway, but subway projects are usually a fail.

Subways in the world Edit

Metro of Old Madrid: Walking corridors under the town of Old Madrid, in the Old World. It had stations such as Town Spawn, Madrid Tower, Tres Gargantas mines, Train Station,..

Subway of Pressburg: It has one line (rails with trains) which links the town`s spawn and the cathedral.

Metro de Madrid: A big subway in Madrid which is supossed to link the whole town. Most part of the tunnels are built, but the subway isnt working yet.

Moutain View subway: In the town of Moutain View there were projects for a subway, but it was never begun.

Metro of Bangkok: Xexekeli tried to make a subway, but the project was frozen. There is only some stuff built, almost nothing. 8bit_craftr and GymSock17 are currently trying to make it work out. Gym is continuing to add new stop like the Airport station and Little Phnom Penh Station.

Subway of Japan (Morioka): Dominik has helped in this project. It is the only movecraft-subway in the world. Some parts of the line are working.