Some attributes
Nation No one
King (Mayor) (Liagkas, owner of ancestor town Hillion)


Foundation 2014
Location East coast of Black Sea
The town of Swaggy was a town on the eastern coast of Black Sea, in the Krasnodar region of Russia. It was built on the ruins of the town of Hillion.

History Edit

The town was created by "Neutron" a while ago. She was a resident in Hillion, owned by Liagkas_GR. When the town was disbanded and Liagkas made Kenya, Neutron tried to keep a town where Hillion used to be. She named it Swaggy, but it had little success.

Layout Edit

Historians are unable to figure out how the town was shaped. It was probably similar to the foundations that Hillion laid, unless those ruins were already demolished.

Economy Edit

The only real activity in the city was the commercial action. Swaggy sold low value items in the Global Market. The only Swaggian artifact that Madrid had acquired via trade was called the "`Swaggy Pot`"

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