2015-06-11 17.02.17

Techloc Union HQ under construction in Bangkok.

The Techloc Union is a technology organization.


HQ Construction Progress: 0% done

Public Release Progress: 0% done

This will not be back for a while


Protection VI Enchantment Books

Desert Eagle (government sales only)

AK-47 (public sales)

K10 (government sales only)

Riot Shield (government sales only)

Grenades (government sales only)

Military Grade Movecrafts (government sales only)

Olympia (public sales)

Python (public sales)

Carbine (public sales)

Hunting Rifle (public sales)

Transportation Grade Movecafts (public sales)

Clones (???)


Recently the Techloc Union opened a mine in Antarctica. They found a small NPC Village they named Antarcticon. Using the Dyn-Map to see the location of nearby caves, they dug down and began harvesting mass amounts of Iron, Gold, Redstone, and even some Diamonds. The Techloc Union is making tens of thousands of dollars on this project and will give them an advantage when their company goes public.

Future ProductsEdit

With a whole new series of weapons coming such as the Minigun, .50 Cal. and others, the Techloc Union will soon provide these in stock.

NOTE: Most will be not sold to public.

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