2014-08-05 17.51.10

Image of a water area in Terra. 8-Aug-2014

The town of Terra was a town before the Reset of October. It was located in Galapagos Islands, at North-West of South America. Terra was created my MarkusRabbit, the Madrid`s hero and founder.

Some attributes
Nation Noone
King (Mayor) MarkusRabbit
Foundation July-August 2014
Location Galapagos Islands, North-West of South America

History Edit

Created by MarkusRabbit after he left Madrid to take a rest, the town had some griefs accidents. Then, Markus finally left the server. The town was twice visited by Madritian people, and then it got eaten forever by the October Reset.

The town Edit

It had some buildings, many of them unfinished, in an island wich was flatted. Markus` house, located in Old Madrid, was copied there (by admins, probably).

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