TheCarlagas, better known as PiccoloTheNamek, is a player on the MinecraftPlanetEarth server. He is from Mexico, and has, in the past, gone by: ErikTheRed, Carl or Carlagas (EmperorKaragasu, Piccolo The Diplomat, Alezeem Piccolo, and PiccoloTheNamek after the reset). He was the founder of the towns Moctezuland, Carthage, Karakorum, Tokyo, and Bergen, in addition to co-founding with Flyingaero119 the city of Basra.

The majority of those towns (Tokyo, Karakorum and Moctezuland) disappeared quickly. Carthage became inactive with "BitchPleasse" as mayor when Carlagas left the town, and Bergen, the last of his towns in the Old World, disappeared in the 1/10/2014 reset. After the reset, he founded the town of Tokyo and became known for a short while as "EmperorKaragasu".


TheCarlagas "Alezeem Piccolo" reviewing the Constitution of the Abbasid Caliphate.

He was very important by helping Flyingaero119 in the leadership of Basra and the Abbasid Caliphate. After he created Veracruz (which also fell to The Great Towny Reset Bug) with Aero too, he moved again to Madrid. During The Third Reset Era, Carl founded the city of Constantinople.

Currently, he resides in Paris.

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