The Battle of Cascadia was a signature pirate raid on New Cascadia VII, orchestrated by AbsurdAJ for training purposes.

The raid happened on May 14th, 2015, and ended with a total victory of the InterPoli forces. Significant fighters include:

  • apineda
  • WarW
  • Stevairus
  • Audz100
  • zachrocks6459

A poet from the InterPol side wrote about this battle:

The valiant fighters all deployed, commander api proudly stood, the sky was clear the wind was strong, and all was calm though not for long. The pirates came and blood was shed, so many pets and players bled, the fighters fought and died alike, used guns and swords and doggy bites. At last the pirate king was slain, and everyone forgot the pain, the ship was sacked and players won, "the battle's over everyone!"