Long ago, in a basement somewhere in irl Stockholm, on may 17 2009, a man nicknamed Notch created the majestic game of Minecraft. Through the years, this game has advanced and spiraled into different directions, with mods, servers, maps, and plugins as far as the eye can see. And beneath it all, unseen until now, was the Church of Notch.

Or at least that's what the London Branch believes.

Origin Edit

As expected, the Church of Notch is based upon worship of Notch, the Creator of Minecraft. The scripts in each branch are normally different, seeing as everybody worships Notch their own way. A page about the Church of Notch is found here.

Famous Churches Edit

A Church of Notch was founded in the Superflat NPC village of Gelwich, and soon in the neighboring town of Ballack. The Church has arrived in London. Come and give to the churchmaster, contribute to its furnishing, spread the word of notch all over the world, o blessed children. 


After the reset, the churches disappeared in London

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