On May 17 2015, the IPGF Shayna set out on a military mission with five idiots to attack the town of D.E.Z. Most of these people had to leave so Stevairus, the laggiest of them all, was left at the controls. He, as expected, lagged out while cruising and the craft was lost forever. Unfortunately for the rest of the server, this may have caused massive lag, resulting in mass disappointment and a growth spurt on the wiki.

The lag, which basically prevents you from moving by TPing you to the spot you spawned, was SO HORRIBLE that people stopped playing for almost 3 days, leaving the server at a mass emptiness that hurt daily and weekly online player statistics. AbsurdAJ sent a global mail message saying that the situation will be handled. On May 21, 2015, approx. 5 pm US East Coast Time, the dreaded lag was overthrown by Justin_393, letting player regain the ability to play once again.

The ComebackEdit

The following morning, GymSock17 was at his base in REDACTED, and accidentally dropped his enchanted Diamond Sword and went to retrieve it in his base's REDACTED. His high acrobatic level allowed him to roll, but then he found himself right back where he started. He jumped and rolled again, and again. He realized that it was the exact situation of the previous day's lag fiasco. Upset, GymSock17 logged off, hoping that once again, the server can be saved.

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