The Knights of Charity is a charity organization.

Foundation Edit

After the Third Reset, player GymSock17 moved to the island, Rhodes. In real life, throughout the Middle Ages, the island was owned by Catholic Knights who flocked primarily from French and Italian City States, many famous Knights from Rhodes were St. John and Hospitalar (Hospitalar is where the Hospital got it's name). These Knights were known throughout Europe for their vows to stay out of politics and give help to the sick and needy. (In real life, the Knights were driven out by the Sunni Muslims of the Ottoman Empire in 1517, and moved to Malta as a gift from Spain, where they remained until conquered by Napoleon in 1798).

These kind actions inspired Gym to make his own helping Organization, the Knights of Charity, who pledge to help those in their time of need, by:

Donating money to towns in financial crisis

Delivering supplies to newly formed towns

Helping defend towns from bigger neighbors bullying them.

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