The Netherlands (English)
Nederland (Dutch)
Netherlands.jpg DutchCoatOfArms.png
(and largest city)
Official languages English
Demonym Dutch or Amsterdammer
Government Conditional Democracy
 -  Mayor Superstar25
 -  Foundation of Amsterdam  
 -  Total 38.4 km2 
15 sq mi 
 -   census
Currency Dollar ($)
The Netherlands (dutch: Nederland), commonly referred as Amsterdam, is a European town that borders the Atlantic Ocean. Its ruler is Mayor Superstar.

History Edit

The Netherlands was founded on August 3, 2015 by superstar25 to replace his former town of Ecuador. Upon its founding it joined The Coastal Union. It left the Coastal Union when it became the Jericho Republic and became briefly independent but eventually rejoined the Jericho Republic. The Netherlands remains diplomatically involved in both the Eurasian Union and the Jericho Republic and does not get involved in most military conflicts. The Netherlands is known for its food production which it retrieves from its Chesapeake Colony in North America.

Geography Edit

It's located in Western Europe, bordering the North Sea, and between Belgium and Germany.

Government Edit

It is known that The Netherlands is a Conditional Democracy and it's part of the Jericho Republic. It is member of the Eurasian Union and it agrees with the Geneva Conventions.

Economy Edit

  • GDP Purchasing Power $40,002,920
  • GDP Per Capita $20,003,018.50 (Due to mayor's wealth)
  • Exports:
  • Imports:

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