They were the primitive residents of the ancient Madrid.

MarkusRabbit Edit

Founder of the town. See MarkusRabbit.

bradwalker12 Edit

Trustable Markus` helper. He was the heir when Markus left the town, becoming mayor. He was inactive.

Barrold100 Edit

Candidate for mayor after Brad became inactive. He became inactive too, so DON took the charge.

SezzRat Edit

Sezz was a 20 years old woman, from Australia. She probably lived in a house near the Old Madrid Wall.

jacobmc7 Edit

He probably lived with Sezz.

butterruler6 Edit

Here is a text wich he posted in another server to aply there.

Hello my name is Alex or also known at butterruler6. I love playing minecraft a lot, i play at least once a day. I have beat minecraft 2 times, but i mostly play multiplier. My cousin play on this server too, his name is chenderson2. My server experience is admin,co-owner, and moderator. I absolutely love playing minecraft! I currently live in a small town in Indiana. I play minecraft on a laptop not a pc but i don't get a lot of lag. I found this server through my cousin. I only like vinilla servers not faction servers. Sometimes i come home from school thinking what am i doing with my life so i play vinilla minecraft to relieve me. Early i was on a very unique vinilla server called EWG. It was very thrilling. But the server went under maintenance and the owner couldn't afford to pay for the server. So the server closed down and i needed a new vinilla server. Once my cousin told me about your server i was hooked. So i typed in the ip and it said i needed to apply. I think i would be a great addition for your server. If i could describe myself in 3 worlds the would be trustworthy,loyal, and respectful.

Unfortunately for him, other people don`t agree with him.

This player was repeatedly cursing and spamming on the server. - A player reporting him in another server.

DiogoDoes Edit

The village`s baker. He owned a bakery near the Town`s Spawn.

Iv_InSaNe Edit

We don`t know anything about him. Nothing.

Skotywow Edit

He was a 20 years old player, from USA. There is a legend that says that he was one of the richest players.

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