The Nuclear Missile is one of the servers more destructive and lethal weapons. Construction methods are usually kept hidden behind closed doors.

Origins of The Nuclear Weapon Edit

Rootbeer1000 claims he was the first to invent this weapon, but no proof has been shown to support such a claim. The only discovery of the nuclear weapon that was put in record was by Zero_Crazy.

During World War 3 Edit

During WW3 he said he created the Nuclear Missile and hid it under what is now known as Madrid Square, When F1sh98 claimed Madrid Square, it is completely possible that he was completely oblivious to what devastating weapon could have been under him, after the town square was re-taken Zero_Crazy, Zero dismantled the nuke and later re-built it at Fort_Garnik.

Presentation to the United Nations Edit

After those events, hostory states that Zero presented it to the United Nations and demonstrated its destructive power to OwlCharles somewhere in Antartica. After seeing the power of this, Owl made Zero promise to never use it, and to never show anyone how to make them. He complied.

The Local Dude and his alleged Nuclear Weapon Edit

The_Local_Dude claimed he had created a nuclear weapon as well, and was threatening to fire it at Fort_Garnik. Later on, it was discovered he was just bluffing, and that he did not know how to make one.

The Nuclear Era Edit

In the months ahead, Zero_Crazy was the only person who know how to make the nuke until May-June 2015, a time in which some players and server historians now refer to as the "Nuclear Era".These are supposed times that everyone knew how to make these weapons, or some form of them, and that most towns claimed to have at least one ready to fire.

The Shadow Of The Deep Edit

Brandonross, the only owner of the ship "The Shadow Of The Deep" was armed with approximately fifty weapons of mass destruction that could be launched with a push of a button. These particular WMDs has a radius of 69 by 69 blocks, the height of the blast has not been recorded.

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