History Edit

The Sahara Scar, was an event that took place during the second map. A large line made by airstrikes was put through Northern Africa, and was clearly visible on the Dynmap. There was panic in Madrid, as the event took place near one of it's African outposts. Most people thought that Spideybren2000 was the main culprit in the case. Being that he had bombed the outside of several towns in the past. But, after a careful study was made, it was found out that butterbrine22 was the one who caused the destruction.The plan was not thought up by butterbrine22 alone. For his accomplice, GummyGuy, was the one who had thought up the idea. Other bombings were planned, but were not carried out.

The destruction, however, was rolled back eventually, and butterbrine22 was warned not to grief such a large area again.

-If You Have Images of This Event, Please Add Them-

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